Steps to Selling Your Home in Florida

Dated: April 23 2021

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The average amount of time that a home, ready to sell, stays on the market is just 23 days. A home that is not ready to sell will sit on the market for an average of 225 days. Getting your home ready to sell in South Florida is an easy task when you know exactly what you must do. Consider the following ways that you can get your home ready to sell in the Florida market.

What You Need to Know About Getting Your Home Ready

When you decide to sell your home you have crossed over an imaginary line of competition. You will be competing with thousands of other homeowners desiring to sell their home. The difference in selling your home fast or watching as it sits on the market for months is only a matter of a few steps taken.

Learning to Love Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is that look a home has that makes a potential buyer want to see the inside. It pulls them out of their cars and brings them to the front door, so they can view the rest of the home. Take the time to trim your grass, and clean up the landscaping. Replace the garage door if there are large dents or simply put a fresh coat of paint on it to increase its attractiveness. First impressions are always important.

Check for Water Damage

Hurricanes are problems for people living in Florida. When one hits it leaves a tremendous amount of damage behind. Most homes in Florida are built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane. This means that the home will not suffer much damage. But that does not mean water will not find its way into the home. Water can find its way into small holes or under tiles without ever being noticed. The water sits in the dark until it grows mold, and then the trouble starts. When inspecting for water damage look for paint that has bubbled up or discoloration within the walls. These are easy ways to know if you have water damage. 

Keep a Lookout for Bats

Bats are a big problem in Florida. They are flat enough to fit in just about any tiny space. You know you have a bat problem when unexplained staining on the ground or roof line begins to appear. You will need to hire a pest control expert to rid the home of the bats before selling your home.

Open Your Doors and Windows

It is time to let light flow through your home. This will help buyers see the potential that your home has for them. You will also need to be flexible when selling your home. An agent may call for a showing, and you will have one hour to vacate the property so a buyer can look it over. This means you will need to keep your home clean at all times. 

Termites, Termites, Termites

These little bugs are not just a problem for people living in the north. They thrive in the tropical climate of Florida. You will want to have bait boxes installed around your home before selling your home. Buyers will notice the devices and will feel more comfortable making an offer because you have kept the termite away. 

Getting your home ready to sell does not have to be a chore. By following these simple steps you can sell your home in weeks and not months. You will just have to put a little work into getting the place ready to sell.

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Steps to Selling Your Home in Florida

Picture by Pete Linforth via PixabayThe average amount of time that a home, ready to sell, stays on the market is just 23 days. A home that is not ready to sell will sit on the market

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