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Backyard Favorites to Beautify Your Garden

Photo by Helga_SM via ShutterstockWhen you begin to revamp your yard or garden, there comes a time to decide what exactly you’ll be growing. You’ll want plants that are hearty, beautiful

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Steps to Selling Your Home in Florida

Picture by Pete Linforth via PixabayThe average amount of time that a home, ready to sell, stays on the market is just 23 days. A home that is not ready to sell will sit on the market

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Annuals That Help Keep Southern Gardens Vibrant

 Photo by mschiffm via PixabayIn most parts of the country, deep summer is when residential gardens are at their best. Well-watered lawns are lush and green, vegetable plots are thriving

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Capital Gains Taxes 101

Buying a home is one of the biggest and most useful investments that you’ll make in your lifetime. One thing you should understand when you're making big improvements to a home or doing any

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